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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Huge swathes of the interface are remarkable only by their familiarity: a home screen with a grid of apps; a single navigation button to take you back to this screen or alternatively to a multi-tasking screen by way of a long press; and a top-to-bottom pull-down for notifications and quick access to settings. It's basic, but it represents pretty much what all these new operating systems are supposed to be: ways of getting functionality that is at least close to Android but without all the licensing costs associated with running Google services." A lobotomised iOS/Android mashup. This is completely void of personality. Still, it looks like this is Samsung's future (guess who was wrong).
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RE[7]: Android has the apps
by oiaohm on Wed 27th Feb 2013 03:47 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Android has the apps"
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Tizen is significantly less open. Availability of code (in rare drop in fashion - i.e. no open development) doesn't help, but it has more issues than that:

"It only grants patents to Tizen Certified Platforms that pass the Tizen Association's compatibility test.

As a licence, it is unlikely compatible with requirements of the Open Source Initiative

In 2012 Legal Team of Linux Foundation's Software Package Data Exchange (SPDX) devoted to licenses and copyrights associated with a software, expressed doubts regarding openness of the Flora License.

This looks to me like a reason why Tizen won't get wide traction, while Firefox OS runtime would.

Depends Firefox OS you will have to talk to individual patent holders alone to make the device.

Tizen certifying body is the Linux Foundation. So charges for this is not too bad.

Tizen license does not forbid doing your own license pool for patents or own patent agreements. Basically a non certified Tizen from patent point of view is almost in the same place as Firefox OS.

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