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Windows Gabe, one of the two guys behind Penny Arcade, has reviewed the Surface Pro - as an artist. He's in love with it. "Sketching with the Stylus in Sketchbook was awesome. It's important to note that you CAN lay your hand on the screen while you draw without messing up your work. There was no brush lag at all and the pressure sensitivity worked perfectly. The stylus itself felt exactly like drawing on my Cintiq except that the Surface screen is smooth whereas the Cintiq screen has a bit of texture to it." I'm no artist, so I got a Surface RT, but I'm loving it too. The tablet/laptop combination just works. My ZenBook and Nexus 7 have been off and in storage since the day I got the RT.
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by Neolander on Wed 27th Feb 2013 11:18 UTC in reply to "Comment by gan17"
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So the artists use Windows these days, like the old Mac OS segment? ... and Android fills the old Windows segment with its big marketshare (plus OEM bloatware, malware and uninspiring low/mid range devices). Does that make Apple/iOS the modern day Linux distro?


Linux distros remain hacker-friendly OSs more than anything else, so a mobile equivalent would probably be Cyanogenmod, with the extra confusion that brings about what Android exactly is. Perhaps Ubuntu could succeed there also, but I'm not sure if that's what Canonical have in mind.

It seems to me that Apple products nowadays are rather designed for those who want things to Just Works, even it it means losing control and features. So something more like vTech computers for grown-ups ?

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