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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Firefox OS could actually be wildly successful, no matter how underwhelming the actual phones may be. And that's because - at least for now - you're not the customer; your carrier is." I'm extremely disappointed by Firefox OS so far. There's nothing wrong with the low-end hardware we've seen during MWC, but there is something wrong with low-end hardware that can't even properly run its operating system. To make matters worse, carriers are the boss here. Terrible first impression.
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by moondevil on Thu 28th Feb 2013 08:32 UTC
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People tend to have this utopia idea that carriers can be circumvented, but as long as they have anything to say that is very hard thing to do.

Only on countries were people tend to prefer pre-pay to contracts this is somehow possible, but people need to be able to buy the handsets, which tend to be quite expensive nowadays.

So if the choice is between a carrier specific firmware or very expensive standard firmware, many people will pick the carrier one.

Given my experience in telecommunications I can assure the situation will never change, regardless of what a few geeks might wish for.

Get prepared for the myriad of discussions about FirefoxOS being fractured and updates only available in certain devices.

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