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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Firefox OS could actually be wildly successful, no matter how underwhelming the actual phones may be. And that's because - at least for now - you're not the customer; your carrier is." I'm extremely disappointed by Firefox OS so far. There's nothing wrong with the low-end hardware we've seen during MWC, but there is something wrong with low-end hardware that can't even properly run its operating system. To make matters worse, carriers are the boss here. Terrible first impression.
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Both C# and Java use JIT...

Time to pay more attention to compiler design classes.

Languages != Implementation.

There are native code compilers for C# and Java available.

Even on Windows you can compile C# directly to native code by making use of NGEN.

Are you aware that .NET Windows Phone 8 applications are actually compiled to native code?

Or that there are Java native code compilers for iOS?

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