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OSNews, Generic OSes The just released version 13.02 of the Genode OS Framework comes with major improvements of the underlying kernels. Using the NOVA kernel, the framework can be used to build custom operating systems for IOMMU-enabled machines while also leveraging hardware virtualization. Using Genode's custom kernel or the Fiasco.OC kernel, the new version targets ARM Cortex-A15-based systems such as the Exynos 5250 SoC.
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Slightly less mechanic would be nice
by Wondercool on Thu 28th Feb 2013 19:36 UTC
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You know, this is OSnews OPERATING SYSTEM. So your posting is dead on. BUT it's a bit mechanical?

Appreciate the posting anyway. I am reasonably technical but have never heard of Genode. Maybe explain a bit more?

The posting sounded like advertising (not a problem for me). But please explain all the abreviations, what is IOMMU or NOVA?
Sorry for not being a nerd enough.

Like the topic of the article though, let's get back to less Thom opinions and more general OS news

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