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OSNews, Generic OSes The just released version 13.02 of the Genode OS Framework comes with major improvements of the underlying kernels. Using the NOVA kernel, the framework can be used to build custom operating systems for IOMMU-enabled machines while also leveraging hardware virtualization. Using Genode's custom kernel or the Fiasco.OC kernel, the new version targets ARM Cortex-A15-based systems such as the Exynos 5250 SoC.
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"You know, this is OSnews OPERATING SYSTEM. So your posting is dead on. BUT it's a bit mechanical?"

I don't actually recall seeing anywhere that the 'OS' stands for Operating System. It seems a logical conclusion, but it might also have stood for Open Source, or just a cool sounding domain at the time it was registered. Maybe someone with authority on the subject can divulge the original intention for the domain?

"Like the topic of the article though, let's get back to less Thom opinions and more general OS news"

I suppose the name could change the perception of this website, but it is Thom's blog after all. I think the "News" aspect is hard to keep both original and interesting at the same time after so many years of covering it.

Personally I'd love to be a part of an original series covering hundreds of technical topics in depth. We could work on real projects with real milestones even if they're just for fun. The community could vote on what we'd do next. I'd like to go all out with multimedia video interviews and demos, etc. But personally I could not afford to do it for free. Thom has hinted several times that osnews is a labor of love rather than one of profit.

If the money was there, I'd offer to start it up myself, but let me ask an honest question to everyone: how much would everyone be willing to pay a year to get some original R&D stuff going?

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