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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Originally stemming from MeeGo, birthed under Nokia's watch, Sailfish has since gone its own way and is maturing into a mobile platform getting ready for launch. This week at the Mobile World Congress, we tracked down Jolla and Mosconi again, getting the opportunity in the process to check out a live Sailfish demo. We check out how notifications work, look at the Sailfish take on a status bar, and get to see the media player with all its gesture support." By far the most unique and interesting of the alternative mobile platforms. Very fancy.
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RE[2]: Looks nice, one question....
by Alfman on Thu 28th Feb 2013 22:31 UTC in reply to "RE: Looks nice, one question...."
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"you could make it start a regular X window manager on the secondary display when the phone detects an HDMI output, and since it's GNU/Linux it will take about ten minutes to port a desktop or terminal application."

I asked this recently elsewhere but didn't get an answer. Do you know if the hardware that's used in tablets actually supports a secondary HDMI display or if it can only clone the primary display?

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