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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Firefox OS could actually be wildly successful, no matter how underwhelming the actual phones may be. And that's because - at least for now - you're not the customer; your carrier is." I'm extremely disappointed by Firefox OS so far. There's nothing wrong with the low-end hardware we've seen during MWC, but there is something wrong with low-end hardware that can't even properly run its operating system. To make matters worse, carriers are the boss here. Terrible first impression.
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Javascript is now about twice as slow as C in most cases. Where other scripting languages like Perl are more than a 100-times slower than C.

Where something like Java might be 1.3 or in certain cases faster than C (a JIT compiler can optimise stuff at runtime which normally a C-compiler would not build that into the compiled binary).

Javascript is basically the fastest scripting language right now. Faster than Lua for example, but Lua can still be faster because it is easier to exchange data with existing C-code. Lua is also a lot more memory efficient.

So yes, Javascript never was the best choice, but when did you ever see the best technology win ? Take VHS Betamax as an example. The "problem" is, Javascript is widespread and "good enough".

Also supposedly FirefoxOS uses less memory than Android because there are a whole lot less layers involved. So FirefoxOS might actually win from Android "native" apps on a lot of devices.

I read somewhere a few years ago that in servers memory usage as much power as the CPU. CPU's have become much more efficient. So that would mean Javascript could have similar power demands than Android/Java.

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