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OS/2 and eComStation Although it has not been formally announced, the eComStation 2.2 beta live CD has been released. This is not a complete version - eComStation isn't free - but it does give you an impression of what this continuation of OS/2 looks like and how it works. Registration is required.
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same old sh*t as usual... wast of time
by ilumin on Fri 1st Mar 2013 13:17 UTC
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I'm long time user of os/2 and ecomstation - and I'm really dissapointed with what's happening recently in our garden

How the morons from mensys/serenity could issue a demo cd of "better OS" with flash 5!!!! mozilla plugin?!
IN 2013?!!!!
These morons (yes I take responsibility for my words) spend those limited resources and programers time to cripple down OS - so that it cannot be installed on hard disk.... just like if someone really cares to bother with installing such a piece of junk.
The full OS version (2.X) are almost unusable - lack of wifi drivers, lack of accelerated video drivers for any decent video chipset, lack of working java plugin (iced tea is picky and in most cases useless)- lack of working up to date flash plugin (yeah - they got "almost working" win version wrapper - for which to download they require to buy extra support option... as well as for qlitchy and buggy port of open office (just imagine to pay for open office....))
They just behave like IBM - but they are not - they are just a bunch of greedy assholes with no vision of future for OS - or with a KLEIN vision to point that namely....
Wheter there's a need to port anything bigger and usefull (qt, java and recently new mozilla ports) they start to raise a funds - or better to say - suck a blood of those sentimental grandpas with to much money in their pocket's
Absolutely no decent bug support or fixing, no plans for future, no nothing. Just smiles and deluding of those who still think there are 90' of XX century...

No 64 bits in sight no new native apps...

So beware - don't buy that shit - don't download that shitty democd. If you don't now what to spend your money on - then better get a hooker - it will at least provide your some kind of satisfaction...
but ecomstation won't

I'd like to say I't all loud and clear on os2world forum but since the site fuc*ed up last fall, I'm no longer registered user so I can not comment - and OF COURSE registration doesn't work ;) - just quess why?) - yes the site is powered by ecomstation - "modern and better OS"

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