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OS/2 and eComStation Although it has not been formally announced, the eComStation 2.2 beta live CD has been released. This is not a complete version - eComStation isn't free - but it does give you an impression of what this continuation of OS/2 looks like and how it works. Registration is required.
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Another way to try OS/2
by MrMysteryGuest on Fri 1st Mar 2013 16:00 UTC
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Thank goodness that econstation is not teh only way to get a taste of OS/2.

Back in July 2000 IBM gave away OS/2 Warp 4 for free in the Australian Personal Computer magazine. Copies of this have found there way online, IBM also keep a public ftp server open with various OS/2 updates (fixpacs) there is even some warpzilla content there also. The thinkpad install discs (called 1 and 2) are also hosted on lenovo's drivers site, there is a still active community around OS/2 with some communit members even now porting apps to the platform

Installing OS/2 is not particular easy, but is possible on older machines (ideally a p2 thinkpad...)

so if you really want to give it a try , install it on an older machine... it could be teh most malware resistant OS out there....

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