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Google "Mobile phones may generate the fastest-growing segment of Google's revenue, but the experience of using them still bothers Google co-founder Sergey Brin. Speaking at the TED Conference today in Long Beach, Calif., Brin told the audience that smartphones are 'emasculating'. 'You're standing around and just rubbing this featureless piece of glass', he said." He's definitely right, but whether Glass is the answer, I don't know. The geek in me loves the technology, but I doubt its practicality.
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I'm cool with being hunched over a smartphone, hell I actually hunch over a feature phone with no problem. I guess that's my problem with glass, it's a solution to a problem I only see for empathy's sake. To me, it's a $1500 status symbol that looks like I had too much time with a soldering iron. Which only serves to remind me that I have yet to finish that stupid elenco kit made for 12 year olds. And I've got a $100 soldering station just gathering dust. So yeah, emasculated.

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