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OS/2 and eComStation Although it has not been formally announced, the eComStation 2.2 beta live CD has been released. This is not a complete version - eComStation isn't free - but it does give you an impression of what this continuation of OS/2 looks like and how it works. Registration is required.
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in our garden
"Our" garden?

I take responsibility for my words

those sentimental grandpas with to much money in their pocket's
How much do you need, son?

So beware - don't buy that shit
Sorry to disappoint you, but I won't heed your advice.
then better get a hooker - it
will at least provide your some kind of satisfaction...
Tell me more of your experiences.
but ecomstation won't
I'm sorry to hurt your unsentimental feelings - I'm very satisfied with eCS.

I'm no longer registered user so I can not comment
I do understand your pain. How about finding your satisfaction in English classes offered by your nearest Volkshochschule?

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