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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Originally stemming from MeeGo, birthed under Nokia's watch, Sailfish has since gone its own way and is maturing into a mobile platform getting ready for launch. This week at the Mobile World Congress, we tracked down Jolla and Mosconi again, getting the opportunity in the process to check out a live Sailfish demo. We check out how notifications work, look at the Sailfish take on a status bar, and get to see the media player with all its gesture support." By far the most unique and interesting of the alternative mobile platforms. Very fancy.
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Actually you really can't do anything with just the Kernel. Sure you could have busybox, which provides a shell

If you were using busybox on top of the kernel then busybox would be considered the userland, ergo it would qualify as a bare-bones OS. It wouldn't be just the kernel any longer, though.

but you still have GNU libraries, which is why the hardcore people always refer to distributions as GNU/Linux

No, there are replacements for most of these libraries. Considering your hypothetical busybox+Linux-kernel one could use e.g. uClibc instead of the standard libc, thereby avoiding the use of GNU-libraries. Using GNU is not a hard requirement for a Linux-distro.

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