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Legal Judge Lucy Koh has almost halved the $1 billion in damages the jury awarded to Apple. "Koh found two main errors in the way the jury calculated the damages awarded to Apple. They used Samsung's profits to determine the amount the company owed for infringing some of Apple's utility patents - a practice only appropriate when calculating damages owed when design patents have been infringed. They also erred when calculating the time period Apple should be awarded damages for. Koh explains that Apple was only due damages for product sales that occurred after Cupertino informed Samsung of its belief that the violations were taking place." It's almost as if the bunch of random people in this jury had no clue what they were doing in what is possibly the most complex patent trial in history.
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RE: Ah, damn.
by Nelson on Sat 2nd Mar 2013 00:27 UTC in reply to "Ah, damn."
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I bet Steve's rolling in his grave right now. Poor Apple, didn't get as much as they'd probably like through their cheap patent-trolling tactics. Maybe if they would stop blowing their money in the courtrooms over ridiculous patents and actually earn it through real innovation and quality products it wouldn't matter so much. I bet they're gonna be crying all the way home tonight.

This can still end rather badly from Samsung. This second case widens the scope of products implicated which could increase the amount of damages Apple gets. Given Samsung's past courtroom performance, I'm not entirely convinced this is a slam dunk for Samsung.

I caution you, and others on this website, from reading too much into it, considering that last time, a considerable number of people here got the entire trial wrong. Samsung is the severe underdog here, they have a definite uphill battle.

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