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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless At TechCrunch, Jolla's CEO Marc Dillon explains why his company will focus on China, Finland, and the rest of Europe first, ignoring the US. "The US market is not on the radar as yet, as he says the patent landscape there 'raises a barrier' of entry to newcomers (he's especially critical of overly aggressive use of design patents)." Considering the patent mess in the US is only getting worse, expect to see more of this in the future. Jolla is making a wise decision by ignoring the US - as a young technology company, you're far better off focusing your attention elsewhere.
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RE[3]: A few words
by leech on Sun 3rd Mar 2013 20:50 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: A few words"
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"[q]Firstly, I'm not sure the the US is going to suffer too much in not having a Facebook phone.

What makes it a Facebook-phone? The fact that there's built-in support for Facebook? Well, gee, I've got this Android - tablet, this Android - phone, Windows 8 - laptop, Nokia N900 and so on and so forth that all do the same thing...

Did you read the article? He talks specifically about creating a phone for facebook. So the collaboration with facebook is what would make it a facebook-phone. [/q]

Did you read the article? He basically says that they want to license out the OS to companies that don't have the skillset to create their own phones, so if Facebook wanted to create their own phone, they could have SailfishOS as the base. Makes logical sense to me. SailfishOS itself and the Jolla Phone isn't going to be a 'Facebook' phone.

Of course in my mind, having a Facebook phone would be just as horrible as having a Google (Android) phone.. but to each his own..

It's actually a rather brilliant idea. Think back to some hardware platforms, specifically for Arcades. Perhaps if Atari had licensed out their Jaguar Arcade platform to more video game companies, they'd still be around.

That's what I'd equate this to, having a standard board (the hardware) the operating system (that talks to the hardware) with custom user end experience for whomever wants one. I'm hoping for an OSNews phone... ;)

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