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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Canonical has today publicly confirmed that they are working on a new cross-platform displayer server for Ubuntu. Called 'Mir', the X Window Server replacement is tasked with 'enabling development of the next generation Unity'. Which, in yet another about-turn, is to be rebuilt in Qt/QML." It'll be used for all Ubuntu variants (phone, tablet, desktop), and the first version will be released come May.
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RE: Finally
by No it isnt on Mon 4th Mar 2013 18:44 UTC in reply to "Finally"
No it isnt
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Ubuntu have written a lot of things, but, AFAIK, none of it has been picked up by any other distro. They should stick to what they do best, which is to repackage other people's work, and not try to fork the Linux desktop.

[edit:] Of course, if Ubuntu actually for once make a superior product in shorter time than the competition, then that's a welcome contribution. For some reason, I just don't have any faith in them at all -- but the developers behind Wayland hasn't really shown any reason why I should trust them more.

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