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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Canonical has today publicly confirmed that they are working on a new cross-platform displayer server for Ubuntu. Called 'Mir', the X Window Server replacement is tasked with 'enabling development of the next generation Unity'. Which, in yet another about-turn, is to be rebuilt in Qt/QML." It'll be used for all Ubuntu variants (phone, tablet, desktop), and the first version will be released come May.
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Qt was smart move. We'll see about Mir
by andrewclunn on Mon 4th Mar 2013 19:25 UTC
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Qt is improving rapidly, leaving gtk behind. The big argument for gtk has been its natural integration with gnome, but gnome has become fragments to all hell as of late (which saddens me as a gnome 2 lover, but c'est la vie). Unity has been the biggest reason NOT to use Ubuntu for many former fans, and reworking it on new technology (because the issue wasn't the front end, it was the buginess to be frank) is a good way to fix it. This is a smart move by Canonical.

Now mir on the other hand... This is going to be a real engineering task. I understand the why (see ubuntu phone), but we'll see just how well the actual implementation is. Best case scenario this becomes what we hoped Wayland would be and all of linux is made better by it. Worst case scenario, this makes development for Ubuntu super specialized so that it becomes more like Android in being a full on fork than a linux distro.

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