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Opera Software "Opera Software announced a new and retooled version of their browser in February, and demonstrated it during Mobile World Congress. The Opera browser beta is live in the Play Store. It's a free download for just about any Android device, so get to it." The first Opera browser with WebKit.
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Some observations
by nej_simon on Tue 5th Mar 2013 10:18 UTC
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It's actually quite fast. I've always found Chrome for Android to be a bit laggy but this beta doesn't lag, even on complex pages.

Sites that look at the user agent-string detects the beta as Chrome 25.

Despite being based on Chrome 25 it doesn't seem to have the font rendering bug that a lot of android users are suffering from.

Other issues are inherited from chrome though, sometimes font sizes are a bit screwy for example.

The UI is almost exactly like Chrome for android but it has a opera-menu and no side-swipe gestures.

Tab switching is annoying and requires three taps (one on the tab-button, one to select a tab and one to maximize it). Why not just put a tab bar on top like doplhin?

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