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Linux In a recent EE Times 2013 Embedded Market study, Android was the OS of choice for future embedded projects among 16 percent of the survey's participants, second only to 'in-house/custom' (at 28 percent). But if a spectrum of disparate approaches can be lumped together as a single option, why not aggregate the various shades of Linux to see how they compare? "Parsing the EE Times data this way makes it abundantly clear that Linux truly dominates the embedded market."
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RE[4]: Naturally
by ricegf on Wed 6th Mar 2013 11:16 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Naturally"
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I wonder what their qualifications were for the embedded market.

They probably used a common definition similar to "a device that performs fixed control functions".

I can't imagine an iPhone would be considered an "embedded device" unless it were dedicated to controlling a robot arm, optimizing the efficiency of an internal combustion engine, flying a drone, or something similar, and since as far as I know that's not the market Apple is targeting, iOS would be considered part of the general computing rather than embedded market.

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