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Windows After ditching its Windows RT tablets from the US market, Samsung has now also confirmed to it's going to stop selling them in Germany and several other European countries. The company cites lack of interest from consumers and confusion over what Windows RT is. Combined with the massive discounts Microsoft is now giving to OEMs, the writing is on the wall here: Windows 8 - specifically on tablets but also in general - is turning into a failure.
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By calling WinRT (and to a lesser extent Win8) Windows it puts in peoples mind a fixed idea of what the OS is and what it can and can't do (well).

The OS core + Metro UI would have been better off with a new name. The same goes for the phones.

I am not sure Windows Games Console or Windows GC has quite the same clarity that Xbox has. Having said that MS of the time would have called it Windows for Games Consoles 2003 Edition.

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