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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "HP, the worlds biggest PC vendor as of 2012, has today launched a brand new all-in-one PC running Ubuntu. But the real 'wow' factor comes from its pricing. At just GBP 349 HP have pitched the PC well within the reach of your average consumer. A similar, though not identical, model is also available with Windows 8 priced at GBP 499."
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Wrong audience
by unoengborg on Wed 6th Mar 2013 12:47 UTC
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Nice, but I think they target the wrong audience.

People that run Linux want advanced fast hardware. This will end up in the hands of people with little knowledge that doesn't know what an OS is, and even less the difference between Windows and Linux.
The result will be dissatisfied customers and high return rate and HP will get to the conclusion that people doesn't like or buy Linux.

To succeed thy need more high end stuff, and they need to make sure that every component in their offering have open source drivers.

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