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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris Recently, we informed you about a growing conflict concerning the source code to Lycoris' Desktop/LX. This led to accusations being thrown both ways, leaving many users in the dark on whether or not the source code will ever be released. This article tries to explain what's really going on, and lists the facts.
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RE[3]: Moulinneuf (To AdamW)
by Pelly on Fri 4th Nov 2005 03:12 UTC
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AdamW, your comments indicate that perhaps Mandriva wasn't in control of a product that was sold ONLY on the Mandriva web site. A product that "should" have been under Mandriva's control, since Desktop/LX Gold was clearly announced in July 05, well after Lycoris was acquired by Mandriva per the official announcement on 15Jun05.

I always felt Mandriva, even when they were Mandrakesoft, was exceptional and set the standard for other to follow when it came to complying with the GPL. But they seem to be stalling and not wanting to adress the current issue at hand.

"What we sold on the website were the boxed copies Lycoris had left over. No need for us to have the source to do that. And we didn't."

Once again, Desktop/LX Gold was announced well after Lycoris was acquired by Mandriva. What this eludes to is that Mandriva 'distributed' a product that did NOT comply with the terms specified by the GNU GPL. This does not sound like a reputation that anyone would want to hang on their wall, does it?

Furthermore, as stated in an erlier post both here and by the originator of this matter, there was never ANY written offer, as specified by the GPL for source code for Lycoris Desktop/LX, Iris (On-Line, or the Iris 350 CD).

"The code is in jcheek's possession. As I understand it it's either in storage in the U.S. or already in the process of being shipped to Paris, where Joe is moving. No-one's dog ate it, but neither Joe nor anyone else at Mandriva has access to it in either case."

AdamW, I'm all for waiting for the source. I have never had any issue with waiting the three months that Joseph said he needed. In fact, I know Joseph Cheek and , and I never had any doubt that he'll make good on everything he said he would. I always thought this was just an unfortunate oversight that was discovered at the wrong time (with Joseph's stuff in storage due to an international move).

AdamW, your comments have me with the impression that you are somewhat high on the Mandriva hierarchy; especially since you stated "we" when talking about Mandriva. Could you provide a little clarification on this?

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