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Windows The Verge: "ModernMix aims to change this. The app provides options to simple run Windows 8-style apps in separate individual windows in desktop mode. Windows 8 still has the usual Aero Snap functionality to align traditional apps side-by-side, and ModernMix takes full advantage of this. ModernMix remembers app window sizes so that they launch in the same place every time. A little widget in the top right-hand corner of Windows 8-style apps lets you bring them into desktop mode, and if you re-launch them from the Start Screen it will remember where you left off." Stardock - making awesome stuff since OS/2.
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RE: good idea, except
by judgen on Wed 6th Mar 2013 20:42 UTC in reply to "good idea, except"
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Sadly i have to agree on this one. Where are the innovation they claimed it would bring? So far all apps seems to be webapps with minimal content with a flat ugly (allthough colourful) and screen real-estate wasting as their goals.

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