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Microsoft One of the major lacking features in the newest Office: no Metro applications. In fact, the only reason Windows RT has a desktop at all is because the Office team was unable to create Metro applications in time for the release of Windows RT. I often thought this was a classic case of two important divisions within Microsoft not getting along and not being aligned, but now that I have my own Surface RT, I'm starting to realise that there's a far simpler, and thus more likely, explanation: Metro is simply not ready for anything serious - or for anything at all, really.
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by chithanh on Thu 7th Mar 2013 00:59 UTC in reply to "Comment by Nelson"
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One company which ought to know how to engineer well-performing stable Metro apps is Microsoft themselves. But according to the article, Microsoft's own apps are affected by performance and stability problems too.

Let's hope that with increasing developer experience and in the absence of major goofs like the infamous "Silverlight network I/O in the UI thread" the issues with the existing apps can all be addressed.

Regarding Office, Microsoft is currently working on Office for Android and iOS. If they have wisely chosen a proper cross-plattform development framework, then a WinRT port can come almost for free out of that.

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