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Microsoft One of the major lacking features in the newest Office: no Metro applications. In fact, the only reason Windows RT has a desktop at all is because the Office team was unable to create Metro applications in time for the release of Windows RT. I often thought this was a classic case of two important divisions within Microsoft not getting along and not being aligned, but now that I have my own Surface RT, I'm starting to realise that there's a far simpler, and thus more likely, explanation: Metro is simply not ready for anything serious - or for anything at all, really.
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"WinRT is a dead end with manufacturers already dropping it.

WinRT != Windows RT. Confusing, I know, but do try to keep up.

You're not helping yourself here. I assumed you meant Windows RT because comparing that to OSX at least makes sense. Both of those are operating systems.

WinRT is a runtime/sdk. Comparing WinRT to OSX is pure nonsense.

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