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Games So, SimCity has been released - the fifth instalment in this venerable series of fantastic games. However, just as everyone suspected, the game has been completely ruined by the always-online DRM. So much so, in fact, that Amazon has ceased selling the game. Update: and it's only getting worse - EA has suspended all marketing efforts for SimCity, and has asked third parties to do the same. Wow.
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RE: what companies listen to
by thesunnyk on Thu 7th Mar 2013 23:19 UTC in reply to "what companies listen to"
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No. This is ye olde conventional wisdom and it's bullshit. The big-wigs at EA will try and screw you, and if you don't pay for their stuff, the shareholders will lose out but the board will still get nice bonuses. In the absolute worst case that the company folds or even looks like it's going south, those same people will leave and get a job at Activision or some other publisher and do exactly the same thing again.

Look at Zynga. It's doing so badly now. Any lessons learnt at EA? Nope!

OTOH, budding nerd comedians can start their set with two words:

Sim City.

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