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Games So, SimCity has been released - the fifth instalment in this venerable series of fantastic games. However, just as everyone suspected, the game has been completely ruined by the always-online DRM. So much so, in fact, that Amazon has ceased selling the game. Update: and it's only getting worse - EA has suspended all marketing efforts for SimCity, and has asked third parties to do the same. Wow.
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RE[3]: what companies listen to
by zztaz on Fri 8th Mar 2013 00:06 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: what companies listen to"
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If you reward bad behavior, you'll get more bad behavior.

People have been complaining about EA for years, but are still buying their products. The obvious lesson for EA is that treating customers badly leads to more sales. EA will not change until customers change.

I can't believe how much crap people are willing to put up with in order to play a game. It's a game! You don't need it! I can understand putting up with mediocre or annoying software that you need to use to earn a living, but not for entertainment.

EA needs your money, you don't need EA. Spend your money with someone who treats you right.

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