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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "HP, the worlds biggest PC vendor as of 2012, has today launched a brand new all-in-one PC running Ubuntu. But the real 'wow' factor comes from its pricing. At just GBP 349 HP have pitched the PC well within the reach of your average consumer. A similar, though not identical, model is also available with Windows 8 priced at GBP 499."
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RE[5]: For a desktop system
by BushLin on Fri 8th Mar 2013 09:29 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: For a desktop system"
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I didn't come here for an argument, things have probably changed since you last checked.

Hardware H.264 decoding in XBMC is fine with the propitiatory driver; to be fair, hardware MPEG-2 isn't complete yet but that isn't something the CPU will have trouble with.

Instead of an unnecessary chip replicating hardware functions already present, it'd surely be better to have the masses create a bigger demand for the finishing touches in areas like this.

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