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Games So, SimCity has been released - the fifth instalment in this venerable series of fantastic games. However, just as everyone suspected, the game has been completely ruined by the always-online DRM. So much so, in fact, that Amazon has ceased selling the game. Update: and it's only getting worse - EA has suspended all marketing efforts for SimCity, and has asked third parties to do the same. Wow.
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RE: what companies listen to
by MacTO on Fri 8th Mar 2013 12:07 UTC in reply to "what companies listen to"
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It does not work that way.

Let's assume that a stunt like this reduces game sales by 50%, but people end up purchasing the game and its successors every 2 years instead of every 10 years (because the vendor is making minor tweaks to the server to entice people to upgrade, while dropping support for the old versions). The publisher now has a massively more profitable product, with a fraction of the sales.

If you look at past history, you'll find that the hypothetical 50% will be a moot point anyway. Many of those people will end up accepting the changes as more and more vendors adopt them. The people who don't end up accepting those changes won't matter anyway since they will end up aging outside of the games target demographic, while more naive customers age into the target demographic.

And all of that assumes that the company listens to their customers and shrug off the comments for business reasons.

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