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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Mark Shuttleworth: "I simply have zero interest in the crowd who wants to be different. Leet. 'Linux is supposed to be hard so it's exclusive' is just the dumbest thing that a smart person could say." He's right. Lots of interesting insights in this blog post - I may not agree with everything Ubuntu does, but at least it's doing something.
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Comment by Nelson
by Nelson on Fri 8th Mar 2013 21:26 UTC
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For people who agree with freedom, they do come down rather hard on anyone who uses technology that some deem to be outside the circles of GNU/Linux(I feel gross using this term, this is the last time I'll use it -- I promise.)

If Mir is a mistake, fine, let them make their mistake. If some snobby developers from Wayland or X (who obviously don't have an agenda *rolls eyes*) think its crappy code, then so be it.

Continue doing what you're (Wayland/X devs) doing, whatever it is you're doing.

From the start its been clear that Ubuntu is closer to Android Linux than GN... -- than traditional Linux, so why stress the fact that it eschews what traditionally has never been a part of Android?

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