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Windows "A senior Samsung Electronics executive said Friday the launch of Windows 8 has failed to bolster demand for PCs and he does not expect the PC industry to rebound soon." Of course, Samsung and other OEMs could've, you know, built better computers. Just a suggestion.
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As someone who recently had the displeasure of configuring a newly purchased Windows 8 computer for a family member who could be described as less than tech savvy I have to wonder what Microsoft was thinking with Windows 8. The computer in question was a standard desktop tower. I had to do a Google search to figure out how to log in. It turns out one has to maneuver the mouse to "flick up" the lower half of the Welcome screen to reveal the login prompt. Once logged in, I discovered numerous non-intuitive designs, including elusive hot corners and border-less Metro apps that are not intuitively exited without knowing about the aforementioned hot corners. I can only imagine all of this will make life hell for users accustomed to previous Windows editions. While all this might be lovely on a touch-screen tablet or laptop device, it's entirely inappropriate and even confusing for those using Windows 8 on a traditional desktop. Thankfully I found Classic Shell, a free tool that installed easily and allowed me to bypass many of Windows 8's most annoying aspects to recreate a computing experience more akin to previous editions of Windows that most Windows users know and love. How long something like this will work only Microsoft knows...

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