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Windows "A senior Samsung Electronics executive said Friday the launch of Windows 8 has failed to bolster demand for PCs and he does not expect the PC industry to rebound soon." Of course, Samsung and other OEMs could've, you know, built better computers. Just a suggestion.
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RE: This is bad.
by WereCatf on Sat 9th Mar 2013 04:12 UTC in reply to "This is bad."
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1. They completely screwed up the trackpad experience. Why isn't there a reference implementation of this? Why does every OEM have to implement gestures in the trackpad on their own?

That's something that bothers me: I have an ALPS touchpad on my laptop and, well, there is no way of disabling the gestures for bringing up the charms bar or switching between apps or anything, yet Synaptics-users can atleast disable those via registry. It's extremely frustrating to have the charms bar pop up when you're in the middle of doing something.

Similarly, most touchpads these days offer multi-finger gestures like e.g. scrolling by placing two fingers on it and then swiping in one or another direction. However, with my ALPS it either scrolls really, really, REALLY slow, or it immediately scrolls all the way to the other end, and there is no way of configuring this behaviour in either the ALPS - configuration utility or Windows 8 itself.

Basically, if Microsoft wants such gestures to become common-place they really need to make sure that they work the same on all touchpads and are actually configurable the same way on them all.

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