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Windows "A senior Samsung Electronics executive said Friday the launch of Windows 8 has failed to bolster demand for PCs and he does not expect the PC industry to rebound soon." Of course, Samsung and other OEMs could've, you know, built better computers. Just a suggestion.
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RE[2]: This is bad.
by Nelson on Sat 9th Mar 2013 05:29 UTC in reply to "RE: This is bad."
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I think they should stop waiting for OEMS and create a tablet. They should call it Surface and spend hundreds of millions on dance commercials during prime time in an attempt to convince people it is cool. That sounds like a good plan.

Or they could listen to customers and fix the stupid thing overnight. We'll see if Microsoft continues to delve deeper into stupid and if you'll continue to defend them and this inane plan.

Only in your fanatical pea brain could my entire scathing commentary be construed as a defense.

I quite significantly disagree with them on things, have conceded other things in light of discussion, and defend them for other things.

I'm not consistently for or consistently against them in every position they take, across everything that they do.

I'm however waiting for the day when you can have a rational discussion without your man crush for Sinofsky or Ballmer showing.

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