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Windows "A senior Samsung Electronics executive said Friday the launch of Windows 8 has failed to bolster demand for PCs and he does not expect the PC industry to rebound soon." Of course, Samsung and other OEMs could've, you know, built better computers. Just a suggestion.
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Comment by MOS6510
by MOS6510 on Sat 9th Mar 2013 07:39 UTC
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I've set up a Windows 8 PC for testing, both at work and at home and I try to leave my iMac alone and do as much as possible on the Windows 8 PC.

There are some things to dislike, but also to like. A number of things are counter intuitive like having to scroll up/down to move left/right. But you quickly get used to them and then Windows 8 is quick 'n' easy to use.

What does bother me is that the whole Metro thing is like Windows running a tablet emulator. Imagine having Windows 7, installing a Microsoft Surface simulator and running apps in it. And worse, figure out how to make Windows 7 start the Surface simulator at boot time.

All Metro apps look clean 'n' simple, but they ARE simple. The ones I've tried only have a few options while "classic desktop' had many many MANY more.

Once you start running all the serious applications you'll notice you'll spend most time in the classic desktop screen.

I hope this is a warning for Apple to never turn OS X in to iOS.

No doubt Microsoft will listen 'n' improve, but for me it's hard to imagine how they can fix this unless they do something really radical.

Personally I would put the Start button back, boot in to classic desktop by default and have these Metro applications optional/launchable from the Start menu.

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