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Games "For nearly thirty years we've been having this discussion, asking the question: do violent movies, music or video games make people violent? Well according to Brad Bushman and Craig Anderson of Iowa State University, yes. Based on the results of their research they concluded in 2001 that video games and violent media can make people aggressive and violent. Based upon their data and their conclusions, however, it's safe to say that photos of snakes, crispy bacon, or a particularly rigorous game of chess can also make people aggressive and violent." And politicians?
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Violence x socialization
by acobar on Sat 9th Mar 2013 21:44 UTC
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Disclaimer, I am by no means an expert on human behavior or character development. Below are just opinions of someone that saw many kids grow up (mines too).

I see one big, huge, problem with the electronic games of today, and it is not directly involved with the fact that the most famous of them are violent. When I was a kid we were exposed to violence too, even though it did not have the level of details we get today, and most of heroes of my time displayed or used violence to "resolve" "conflicts".

What I see as a big problem is that kids that are left alone with games have their exposure to a very important aspect of education kind of "softened", they don't have to negotiate with others to have the rewards associated to "playing" and, perhaps, have their awareness and identification with another being impaired. Also, the biggest benefit of the exposure to others ideas, to see misconceptions/gaps on our beliefs/knowledge, what allow us to improve ourselves, may also be diminished. They may develop a personality where they just don't fell compassionated by problems of others and may not be prepared to concede, shall the moment arrive, to have only part of their wishes filled at that time or on future, or just can't think out of their shell, not matter what. Under pressure they probably have a higher chance to act awkwardly.

Perhaps, there is a similar pattern on a very homogeneous society whose members display no empathy to someone dissimilar to them.

Anyway, the problem is very alike the one about guns. Most of people will not have problems with them but, to a fraction, it may just unlock the daemon they have inside. And we are 7 billion (and growing), and we are combining both. That are three of the reasons we are inside the big mess we have now.

Last, lets remember that our world never was the paradise we like to think. On all periods of our history there were, slavery, wars, slaughter and savagery. What is unbelievable is that we are still barbarians despite all the knowledge we gathered from roughly 500 years to now.

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