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Games "For nearly thirty years we've been having this discussion, asking the question: do violent movies, music or video games make people violent? Well according to Brad Bushman and Craig Anderson of Iowa State University, yes. Based on the results of their research they concluded in 2001 that video games and violent media can make people aggressive and violent. Based upon their data and their conclusions, however, it's safe to say that photos of snakes, crispy bacon, or a particularly rigorous game of chess can also make people aggressive and violent." And politicians?
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Yes they will (get hurt). They'll get stabbed with kitchen knives, hit in the eyes with forks, get thrown with stones etc.
I'd like to see you ban-happy fellows banning sticks & stones. Even the EU is not that ridiculous (yet).

Still if you disallow carrying guns in public, you are removing a significant cause of murders, right?

It's like banning smoking in public places like restaurants. sure it oppresses freedom but realistically solves a problem, correct?

Sometimes you have to put aside your morals, ideals and principles in order to create a safer environment.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice freedom and rights for the safety of the whole. it's called responsibility. It comes with living in a technically and culturally advanced country.
This isn't the middle ages anymore.

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