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Games "For nearly thirty years we've been having this discussion, asking the question: do violent movies, music or video games make people violent? Well according to Brad Bushman and Craig Anderson of Iowa State University, yes. Based on the results of their research they concluded in 2001 that video games and violent media can make people aggressive and violent. Based upon their data and their conclusions, however, it's safe to say that photos of snakes, crispy bacon, or a particularly rigorous game of chess can also make people aggressive and violent." And politicians?
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That has to be the most idiotic thing I've heard this month. Ban "civilians" from carrying guns and guess what happens? The criminals still get them.

I've seen some debates concerning the gun-laws in US. Based on that knowledge it seems that there are as less restrictions on purchasing guns than a pack of cigarettes.
And then, when you don't track properly weapons... How will police know that you are allowed to carry one?
And then... How many times do we get news that a legally purchased gun was used to kill innocent children vs a gun was used to kill intruders.
And then there's tragic case of Treyvon.

You know what seems stupid? Steven Seagal training a bunch of wannabe's to defend schools.

This has already happened several times within the last century. Do you people never learn from history?

Yes we do. We also learn from recent history. For example in Chechnya, while the local militia outnumbered the Russian forces the militia were no match for the special forces. Try playing paintball or softball with marines... You will be torn to pieces.
Also, civilian grade weapons are a joke. They are useful to kill your neighbour, not a soldier. And that is how they are mostly used...

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