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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Mark Shuttleworth: "I simply have zero interest in the crowd who wants to be different. Leet. 'Linux is supposed to be hard so it's exclusive' is just the dumbest thing that a smart person could say." He's right. Lots of interesting insights in this blog post - I may not agree with everything Ubuntu does, but at least it's doing something.
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RE[7]: Comment by Laurence
by lucas_maximus on Sun 10th Mar 2013 09:37 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Comment by Laurence"
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The other end meaning what? Linux? We know that's not true, but then I can't tell what you meant.

Didn't really read what I said did you? I was talking about being locked in on bespoke software is far worse than being locked into Windows or other Microsoft products.

I'll wait for you to provide a realistic example from a decade ago that can be tested.

Try compiling Latest Firefox on Ubuntu Warty.

You know, if you were serious, then you'd have bought hardware and software that were linux certified. Most likely, like most people, your expectations of linux are so high that you download a free community supported distro, add arbitrary hardware and then expect it to work without any issues. It is a testament to linux that this works as often as it does, but if you want *guaranteed* results then you should be going to a linux vendor that *guarantees* results, otherwise you are taking the enduser supported route and you should be prepared to support your personal configuration.

If you are one to complain about self supporting your own personal configuration, that really means you should have gone with a vendor supported route. Next time you know, right?

I think you've already made up your mind here, but please consider what I've said seriously. It's reasonable to expect a linux certified system to run as well as a windows certified one. But it's also reasonable to expect some tinkering when you put together your own uncertified hardware.

The point is that I am happy to ticker most of the time at work I am not (I don't use Linux at work).

People I know in IRL aren't nerdy enough to want to piss about with the computer. This goes back to fragmentation etc etc.

This really isn't hard to understand.

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