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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Mark Shuttleworth: "I simply have zero interest in the crowd who wants to be different. Leet. 'Linux is supposed to be hard so it's exclusive' is just the dumbest thing that a smart person could say." He's right. Lots of interesting insights in this blog post - I may not agree with everything Ubuntu does, but at least it's doing something.
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RE[8]: Comment by Laurence
by lucas_maximus on Sun 10th Mar 2013 13:35 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Comment by Laurence"
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When are they any of those?

Making cheap shots is what you are good at. Missing the point when you know what the other person is saying is another thing. Having your head up your own arse and making snarky comments is another.

Canonical have pretty much killed any chance of Linux as a gaming platform because they aren't going to include Wayland and instead work on their own display server.

I like Microsoft's stuff. It works for me, but every criticism I made about Linux is the one reason why it doesn't get anywhere as a desktop OS for the masses.

I even quite like using Linux when I get the chance to tinker.

Every fork of Linux that is commercially successful is always either embedded or tightly controlled by one company (Android, Chrome OS) or is used used in "Enterprise" scenarios (Redhat, Suse).

MacOSX is the desktop *nix, like it or not.

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