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Multimedia, AV A few days ago, Google and the MPEG-LA announced that they had come to an agreement under which Google received a license for techniques in VP8 that may infringe upon MPEG-LA patents (note the 'if any'). Only a few days later, we learn the real reason behind Google and the MPEG-LA striking a deal, thanks to The H Open, making it clear that the MPEG-LA has lost. Big time. Update: Chris Montgomery: "The wording suggests Google paid some money to grease this along, and the agreement wording is interesting [and instructive] but make no mistake: Google won. Full stop."
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by TechGeek on Sun 10th Mar 2013 15:44 UTC
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In all fairness to the detractors here, VP8 could still have patents against out there somewhere. But then again so could h.264. However, for the present moment. VP8 is now positioned as royalty free from all known patent holders, and being considered to be the next web standard. Thats more than h.264 has. If you go to the other article, there is a post at the end of the comments detailing all the places VP8 is in use. Its being used in a lot more places than you would probably think.

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