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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Jay Sullivan, Mozilla's VP of Product, has revealed that the not-for-profit organization is not going to build an iOS version of its Firefox web browser as long as Apple doesn't mend its unfriendly ways towards third party browsers." So that would most likely be never.
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RE[8]: Makes sense...
by Tony Swash on Mon 11th Mar 2013 00:58 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Makes sense..."
Tony Swash
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Meanwhile in the real world the status of this issue is pretty much summed up by this"

During a SXSW talk, the not-for-profit's vice president of product says the organization won't build a version of its Firefox browser for iOS devices until Apple changes its ways.

Rosenblatt queried the audience to find out how many people were iOS users, and a majority of hands went up. By contrast, when he asked how many of them were suffering, just a few hands surfaced.

That's about the sum of it, nobody really cares. There are plenty of good browser on iOS and users of iOS have a rich web browsing experience with the opportunity to try different browsers. If Firefox don't want to join the party that's up to them, the vast majority of iOS user would find it hard to think of a single tangible advantage that adding Firefox to the browser mix on iOS would bring. Can anybody tell me what unique and specific benefits Firefox would bring to browsing on iOS that none of the other browsers already delivers?

I like the over all model of curated software management on iOS. I have never turned my iPad 2 off since I got it and it has only ever required a reboot for OS updates (Android users can Google 'OS Update' to find out what that means) and I have never once had to worry about malware. What's not to like? What real tangible benefits can the non-curated software model bring me as an end user, what functions do Android users have that iOS user don't? And I, along with about 99% of the buying public, don't consider the ability to tinker with the inner workings of my device a benefit. Tinkering with the inner workings of devices is a pain, I don''t tinker with the inner working of my TV or fridge so why do it with a phone or tablet.

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