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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Mark Shuttleworth: "I simply have zero interest in the crowd who wants to be different. Leet. 'Linux is supposed to be hard so it's exclusive' is just the dumbest thing that a smart person could say." He's right. Lots of interesting insights in this blog post - I may not agree with everything Ubuntu does, but at least it's doing something.
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There are plenty of distro maintainers that have a silly elitist attitude where to them cutting a task from 10 steps to 5 makes it less manly or less Unixy or something equally retarded. I guess they don't have much real work to do and like to spend all day configuring.

But as silly as they are I would still take them over a design dictator like Shuttleworth who can't handle any criticism and like Microsoft wants to force a UI that the majority clearly doesn't like.

I also really don't think Shuttleworth has done much for the Linux desktop. I think he is good at marketing Ubuntu as user friendly when in reality it isn't much different from other desktop-focused distros. The major improvements in the last 10 years have been at the kernel level. If anything Shuttleworth has served as a counter-productive distraction.

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