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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless After a few months of planning, several weeks of work, and possibly a few kilometres of aimless pacing through the living room, I'm happy to present "Palm: I'm ready to wallow now". This massive article (22,000 words) covers countless aspects of Palm, its devices, its operating system, and the company's importance to the mobile industry. I start with a detailed look at the history of handwriting recognition, after which I move on to the four hardware products I believe are crucial in understanding Palm as a company. Of course, I also dive into Palm OS, covering the kernel, its filesystem (or lack thereof), 'multitasking' capabilities, user experience, and much more. Important Palm OS licensees like Sony and Handspring make an appearance, and I cover the failed attempt at modernising the Palm OS: Palm OS 6 Cobalt. Finally, the conclusion ties it all together. For the first time in OSNews' history, you can also buy this article to support OSNews and make more articles like this possible in the future (don't worry - the regular online version is free, as always!). I suggest you grab a coffee, sit back, and enjoy.
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REALLY!!? WebOS was NOT the Problem!!!
by saxgod on Mon 11th Mar 2013 19:24 UTC
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Wow. I can't believe you claimed WebOS killed Palm. WebOS was the only BRIGHT SPOT of Palm. I owned Palm Treo's and Pilots and I HATED THEM. When I got the first Pre and used WebOS I was in heaven. WebOS is literally the best mobile OS experience I've ever had and I think Steve Jobs was nervous at first. So much so they changed iOS to have kinda multitasking. They couldn't copy the flow of WebOS because it was patented so they did their own bit that was okay but still wasn't anything close to WebOS. Android the same issue. Why go to a dumb task manager box to select which program you go to. Having the Card minimized, but still running WAS BRILLIANT.

I wish we could see WebOS running on the newer 1gb of ram phones with dual core processors. The OS is amazing and for you to gloss over it and even claim it's the reason Palm died is ludicrous and I hope NO ONE buys your PDF because WebOS wasn't the problem. The hardware the OS was operating on was the problem. Sorry you were late to the game on WebOS, but if you really studied it and looked at Android and iOS. NO mobile operating system could compete with it. I would even say if you put WebOS out today on a beefier phone that didn't crack when you dropped your bag at work it would definitely beat Windows phone and BB phone and give it time might compete with the big two.

HP didn't know what it had. They bought it and then when they couldn't understand what exactly to do with it they killed it. Except now it lives on LG TVs. So another reason your assumption of WebOS is CRAP is that if it was such crap then why is it still kicking around on HP Printers and now LG TVs?

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