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Games "To see anyone defending EA and Maxis for the state of SimCity, even were it in perfect working order on launch, depresses me to my core. This self-flagellation-as-skincare notion, where gamers loudly and proudly defend the destruction of their own rights as consumers, is an Orwellian perversity. That it might be considered in any way controversial to call them out on their crap, to point out that no, always-on DRM is not an advantage to anyone, is bewildering. It's a sign of just how far the gaming world has fallen into the rabbit hole of the publisher's burrowing." As usual, RPS hits the nail on the head so hard it shoots through the board.
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Sounds like a mis-configured system. Or an incompetent user.

Read the minimum requirements on say Skyrim. Anything less than minimum requirements on a PC and I would say it not really worth playing the game.

The card is simply too old to play a 2011 title like Skyrim, not enough video memory. Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 barely ran at all.

My 9800pro from my AMD 3200+ system latest to about 2007 and it was bought in 2003/2004.

I have a 3.06 GHZ Core 2 Duo OC'd to 4ghz, 8GBs of ram and 2 SSD disks all running latest WHQL Nvidia drivers.

Well, my GeForce GTX 460 has never been top-of-the-line and it's now 3 years old. I see no reason why it wouldn't last a few more years just fine as all the games I throw at it continue to run perfectly-well.

Also there is no word on the resolution, detail or framerate. What others have called okay, I have called horrid, mainly because a lot of people are okay at playing at less than 30FPS.

It ultimately depends what you expect. I don't think dropping £180 every 4 years is that much of an expense tbh.

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