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Games "To see anyone defending EA and Maxis for the state of SimCity, even were it in perfect working order on launch, depresses me to my core. This self-flagellation-as-skincare notion, where gamers loudly and proudly defend the destruction of their own rights as consumers, is an Orwellian perversity. That it might be considered in any way controversial to call them out on their crap, to point out that no, always-on DRM is not an advantage to anyone, is bewildering. It's a sign of just how far the gaming world has fallen into the rabbit hole of the publisher's burrowing." As usual, RPS hits the nail on the head so hard it shoots through the board.
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RE[3]: Sing of the Times
by WorknMan on Tue 12th Mar 2013 23:49 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Sing of the Times"
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If it were just anti piracy measures you could make that argument but in the case of Sim City they've moved part of the single player onto their servers; not for any real benefit to the game... no, just so they can add it to the following list of shut down servers in a couple of years and charge you again if you still feel like playing.

In that list you posted, do they disable the WHOLE game, or just the multiplayer? I'm pretty sure that even now, I could stick those old games in and play the single player mode.

And they're not going to disable the single player on Sim City in 2 years. Why would they? The last Sim City game was released in 2007, so it's not like this is a yearly franchise like their sports games are, so they won't have a newer Sim City game to sell you in a year or two. And even if they did, it's highly doubtful that even EA would be stupid enough to shut the old one down entirely that soon.

It's awfully tempting to come up with some sort of conspiracy theory here, but this is an anti-piracy measure... simple as that.

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