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Games "To see anyone defending EA and Maxis for the state of SimCity, even were it in perfect working order on launch, depresses me to my core. This self-flagellation-as-skincare notion, where gamers loudly and proudly defend the destruction of their own rights as consumers, is an Orwellian perversity. That it might be considered in any way controversial to call them out on their crap, to point out that no, always-on DRM is not an advantage to anyone, is bewildering. It's a sign of just how far the gaming world has fallen into the rabbit hole of the publisher's burrowing." As usual, RPS hits the nail on the head so hard it shoots through the board.
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RE[4]: Sing of the Times
by BushLin on Wed 13th Mar 2013 00:30 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Sing of the Times"
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It's not a conspiracy theory that EA de-commission their servers for online play at an increasingly alarming rate.
Games from 2 years ago are on that list.

It's also not a conspiracy theory that they (amongst other companies it should be said) are increasing the amount of core game content that relies on the aforementioned servers.
Sim City is in fact not playable in single player mode without being online, this is worse than losing some characters/levels/missions/weapons/etc (obviously online play also) and not because they're offering us anything useful by making it that way.

It's a real step up in bullshit from the practice of releasing a game alongside costly DLC which really should have been included in the cover price. Quite a leap from the idea of extending the life of a classic title by means of an expansion pack, you're denied the proper experience without their servers which disappear far too quickly.

And now we find ourselves further down the line, it's only really because of the problems with the servers that the whole practice is being discussed but it's way beyond anti-piracy and more about milking fans of a game franchise.

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