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Games "In all the fuss and mess of the disastrous SimCity launch, one refrain has been repeated again and again. While legions may be begging for an offline mode, EA representatives have been abundantly clear that this simply isn't possible. Maxis' studio head, Lucy Bradshaw, has told both Polygon and Kotaku that they 'offload a significant amount of the calculations to our servers', and that it would take 'a significant amount of engineering work from our team to rewrite the game' for single player. A SimCity developer has got in touch with RPS to tell us that at least the first of these statements is not true. He claimed that the server is not handling calculations for non-social aspects of running the game, and that engineering a single-player mode would require minimal effort." This keeps getting worse and worse for EA. It's also clear that Maxis' own developers are not happy with EA's meddling.
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If it is so hard
by judgen on Wed 13th Mar 2013 03:53 UTC
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If it is so hard, how come you can start the game, pull the ethernet cable and continue playing for a few hours before it starts nagging you to reconnect? And the only traffic i have noticed is to update the region mode, which it does a very poor job of anyways. (has anyone's city population been correct so far on the NA or EU servers?)

Buy the game install, make a duplicate of the game folder, apply the crack. Then use the cracked version for singleplayer and the uncracked version if you want to play with a friend. Simple as that.

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