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Windows Microsoft rolled out a bunch of patches today for Windows 8, and the most important one is that Flash in IE10 now works with a blacklist instead of a whitelist. "Well, the biggest news is that Microsoft has enabled Flash to work now in Internet Explorer 10 for RT. If you recall, Microsoft only allowed a few, specific websites with Flash to work on Internet Explorer 10 citing performance and battery life reasons. There was even a neat little work around that you could do yourself to bypass this. Now, Microsoft have reversed that decision, which they say is due to more sites becoming IE10 compatible." There's a firmware update for Surface RT as well, and I have to admit my Surface RT feels a little faster and smoother - especially typing. Could be reboot-induced, though.
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by kurkosdr on Wed 13th Mar 2013 15:17 UTC
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Wait, wait wait...

Are we talking about Windows 8 desktops and laptops, Windows 8 tablets, or Windows RT tablets? I 've kinda lost the ball with all those Windows.

Enabling Flash on Windows 8 desktops and laptops in Metro (Modern) mode makes sense (at least from MS's view). They want Metro to be a successor to classic desktop, so it has to do everything the classic can do, without having to drop back to classic to view a flash page.

But on tablets? No, no, no! In the best case scenario, you have flash sucking your battery dry when you can easily visit the "mobile" version of the site and get an HTML5 version of the video, in the worst case you have animated ads moving under the screen like cockroaches.

Microsoft should have enabled flash for desktops and laptops and disabled it for tablets (ARM and Intel). But, with Windows 8 being allegly the same both for Intel tablets and desktops/laptops, can they do that? Putting the same "Windows 8" both for desktops/laptops and Intel tablets was a dumb idea.

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