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Apple Apple's Phil Shiller has been trash-talking Android in the press these past few days - just as Samsung is about to launch its Galaxy S4. "Public, preemptive slamming of a competitor is far outside Apple's PR wheelhouse; it's a dramatic shift for a company used to making news rather than reacting to it. But why is it happening?" The Verge hits the nail on the head: "Cupertino's behavior this week is yet another symptom of Samsung's stratospheric rise in the smartphone market globally, a rise that challenges Apple and has outright stifled Android competitors like HTC and Sony."
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Comment by gan17
by gan17 on Fri 15th Mar 2013 05:07 UTC
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Well, now that Jobs has passed and that other guy (forgot his name, the one who thought he was the next Jobs) got fired, Apple needed someone like Shiller to fly the "you're holding it wrong" flag for them, I suppose.

Don't misunderstand me. I personally think Samsung (we all know Shiller aimed it at Samsung, even though he didn't say their name) are the scummiest tech company out there and need to suffer an Enron style collapse for the good of the entire industry, but there's a right way and a wrong way to "trash-talk" a competitor. Doing it right makes you look classy (or overconfident/arrogant, at the very least) and doing it wrong (like this) just makes you look desperate, even if you really aren't.

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