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Google In all honesty, this has taken far longer than I anticipated. Google, the world's largest internet advertising company, has removed several popular ad-blocking tools from the Play Store. While they are technically in the right to do so - they violate the Play Store developer distribution agreement - it's still a bit of a dick move. Luckily, though, unlike some other platforms, you can easily sideload the adblockers onto your Android device.
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Isn't the issue this: Android is touted as being more 'open' than iOS giving more choice to end users. This move reduces choice. If Android users want to deploy ad blocker why can't they, it's their choice of how they want to use their 'open' device.

After this decision, Android users still have a choice to install what they want on their device.

According to Till Faida, co-founder of Adblock Plus,

"Google has crossed a red line by removing the app" and "is placing business interests ahead of user interests."

"Isn't Android an open system?" he asked. "We are not interfering with any other apps. We are providing choice. The user should be in charge of what services may access their device - not Google."

Android is still an open system. Users are still in charge of what services run on their Android systems.

They only thing being restricted here is the offerings on the Google Play store. Google have every right to dictate what is and is not offered on Google Play.

Unlike iOS and Windows Phone, Android was not, and still is not, a walled garden. Users may still, very easily, install software other than what Google offers on Google play. There is only one setting users need to enable:

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